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Arranging a funeral is something many of us have to do at some point, and our goal is to help alleviate some of your family’s stress with caring, transparent support and guidance to the level you need.

Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors go out of our way to provide a warm and friendly service, guiding you and helping make the appropriate decisions for your family.

Many of our skilled advisers are grief specialists who can provide all the advice and care you need to be supported at an emotionally – and sometimes financially – challenging time.

This includes bilingual support for our Greek and Italian communities, with funeral and memorial guidance available.

Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors prides itself on treating your loved one as one of its own cherished family members, with our funeral directors working locally – keeping your loved one in the community, close to family and friends.

We work closely with religious leaders to ensure traditional customs are upheld and offer tailored ceremonies styled to the personality and culture of your loved one, such as a bilingual ceremony with unique cultural or religious touches.

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Our services

We have a range of services available to help make the farewell one that best honours the loved one,
particularly those with specific social, religious or cultural requirements such as Italian memorials and Greek funerals.

Burial or cremation

Whether you choose a burial or cremation, we’re able to help explain the different options and cost between the two and liaise on your behalf with the cemetery or crematorium of your choice. We also have access to our own facility – The Bayside Crematorium – as an option if you choose cremation.

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Religious Ceremonies

We’ve proudly serviced families from most religious groups such as Greek Orthodox, Italian Orthodox and Roman Catholic communities, working closely with them to ensure their traditions and customs are respectfully upheld.


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We have a beautiful fleet of traditional vehicles available for your use and can also organise less traditional transport if you feel that would better reflect your loved one’s personality.

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We’re able to provide a wide range of beautiful flower arrangements to best match the atmosphere of your service and personality of your loved one.

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Grief support

Our ongoing Bereavement Care Program, delivered by our Grief Support Team, is available to all families who need help adjusting to their loss. Please call us any time to organise a chat.

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