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more than 80 years respecting Italian funeral traditions

With over 80 years’ experience serving the community, we understand the importance of tradition and rites when it comes to farewelling your loved one.

At Andrew Kennedy’s, we pride ourselves on our values of respect, trust and family – which is reflected in every element of the funerals we deliver.

We also understand the cultural and religious customs from around the world, with a particular strength in Italian Catholic funerals.

Guiding and supporting Italian families with honour

Honouring traditional Italian customs is an important part of Italian Catholic funerals, and our team of funeral directors is dedicated to helping families uphold these customs and traditions.

Here are some of the traditional customs that we can help you incorporate into your loved one’s funeral service:

Wake: In Italian culture, it is common to hold a wake, or “veglia,” for the deceased. This is a time for family and friends to come together to pay their respects and offer condolences to the family.
Funeral Mass: The funeral mass is an important part of Italian Catholic funerals, and our team can help you arrange for a priest or other clergy member to preside over the service.
Music and Readings: Traditional Italian hymns and prayers may be sung or read during the funeral mass. Our team can help you select appropriate music and readings that honour your loved one’s life and legacy.
Flowers: Flowers are an important part of Italian funerals and are often used to decorate the church and casket. Our team can help you select the right flowers and arrangements to honour your loved one.
Burial: Italian Catholic funerals traditionally end with a burial, and our team can help you arrange for a burial at a cemetery of your choice.

At Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors, we understand how important it is for families to honour their cultural and religious customs, even if they may not be as familiar with them.

Our compassionate funeral directors are dedicated to working closely with Italian families to ensure that their loved one’s funeral is conducted in a way that is both dignified and respectful.

To make decisions easier at a difficult time, we take the time to explain the traditions and customs of the Italian to help families navigate the funeral planning process with confidence and clarity.

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