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more than 80 years of caring support

Putting your trust in a funeral provider is an important decision, and you can rely on us to create an authentic, respectful and humble ceremony to honour the life of your loved ones in the way they deserve.

At Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors, we draw on more than 80 years’ experience of supporting families from a range of cultures – particularly the Greek and Italian communities – throughout all stages of the funeral and grieving process.

We understand the emotional challenges people experience at such a challenging time, and work with you to arrange a farewell that respects your cultural, religious, and personal requirements.

Andrew Kennedy prides itself on our values of respect, trust and family, and work to create a sense of belonging and support within our community.

We do what we do to reduce additional stress to the family

For over 80 years, Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors have proudly guided families through planning a funeral, and we pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge of community values, beliefs, and customs for those we serve.

We uncomplicate the funeral process, making it as stress-free as possible so you can focus on processing the loss of your loved one. We’re here to help at Andrew Kennedy’s, including expert assistance with Greek Funerals and Italian memorial services.

We pride ourselves on our community-minded approach and extensive knowledge of the variety of customs and cultures in our society and offer traditional, religious and custom created funerals to suit your needs, as well as bilingual options including English, Italian and Greek.

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Why should I consider a funeral?

No matter what the ritual, funerals are a way of saying goodbye to someone we have loved. They are a public, symbolic means of expressing our grief, acknowledging the reality of death, and mutually supporting each other.

To find out more, visit our resources hub for more information.

A commitment to earn your trust

Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors is all about respect, trust, and family.

With that in mind, we are committed to delivering high quality, professional and transparent service in every interaction.

When it comes to pricing, we strongly believe in honesty and transparency, so you are fully aware of your options and can make the right decisions for you and your family.    

We also ensure the family of a loved one is given support from the initial planning stage until after the funeral has taken place.

We are committed to going beyond just meeting the regulatory and industry set standards, having authored our Family Charter that sets out what we believe is best practice.    

Pre-paid funerals to help ease the pain

Organising and paying for your funeral in advance with Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors not only means your wishes will be fulfilled but that your family will avoid unnecessary financial and emotional stress when you pass. Our services include both Italian and Greek pre-paid funeral planning assistance.

By paying in advance – either as a lump sum or via instalments – you can gain benefits for yourself now and reduce the burdens for your families later.

By pre-paying, you can maximise your pension entitlements and secure the cost of your farewell at today’s prices.

Our locations

Andrew Kennedy Funeral Directors serve the whole of the Sydney metropolitan area from our facilities at the culturally diverse Kensington in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Bexley North in southern Sydney.